GC Team B 29/5/24

Team B travelled to Reigate Priory to play their first match in the Croquet South East (previously SECF) Advantage League.

Having eventually found the club, (trickier than expected due to Sat Nav taking us to the far reaches of the enormous, very attractive site), we discovered that their sole lawn was 3/4 size. It took a bit of getting used to but didn’t deter us.

Round 1 saw Richard Perkins and Hilary Bird winning their doubles match, while Janet Curtecka and Martin Birch had a more difficult match. In Round 2 , 3 of us won our singles, meaning we had a promising lead of 4-2 when we stopped for lunch.

Reigate’s hospitality was wonderful and most welcomed – the delicious 3 course meal being their way of apologising for several of us having to have byes, necessitated by scheduling 9 games on 1 lawn. Perhaps it was actually a cunning plan to make us less alert for Round 3…….

As it turned out, we lost the next 2 singles, leaving a nail biting doubles to seal a victory for the team.

All in all it was a most enjoyable day, made even sweeter by the final result 5-4 to GGCC!

Charity One-Ball Tournament

Friday 5th April saw 12 members preparing to do battle in our qualifying round of the annual national competition . This year the nominated charity is British Heart Foundation, so all participants were encouraged to wear something red, and to bring a donation for BHF.

The weather was kind to us although the wind presented a challenge to both the players and their accuracy (excellent excuse!).

Split into 2 blocks of 6, all play all, most of us had completed 4 games before lunch. After lunch the remaining block games were played, and then each person played their opposite number in the other block , that is 1st v 1st, 2nd v 2nd and so on.

Despite several previous winners taking part, it was “new boy” Richard Perkins who won, beating previous 2-time winner Anthony Tutt, 13-8. Congratulations Richard – even though you forgot to wear red !

Special thanks to Tim Dutton for agreeing to play at the last minute, thus evening up the number of participants. Also to Peter Adams for his excellent organisation as player/manager.

The club was able to donate over £100 to BHF, and Richard will represent us at the Finals in Surbiton in May.

GC Team B’s final hurrah

Roseann, Ian Taylor, Hilary and Peter Adams, travelled South, in hope, to their final match of the season, versus Preston, near Brighton, on 23 September. (We were very pleased we had our own referee on board!)

Their 2 three quarter sized lawns were interesting/bumpy/challenging. Similarly, their handicaps offered a few surprises.

Despite Ian and Roseann doing their very best, we only managed to win three of the nine games. Nevertheless, we had some enjoyable croquet.

Sadly, having come joint top of the league in 2022, I fear we are joint bottom in 2023. Hey ho, as they say, you win some you lose some…..

However , we had some good croquet along the way, and plenty of fun. Well done team!


Our third match was against Sussex County Croquet Club (aka Southwick). We fielded a team of handicaps 3, 6, 7 and 8 – Ian Taylor, Graham Lamacraft, Hilary Bird and Roseann Sullivan. They were represented by three 4s, a 6 and a dog (huge English Pointer, owned by a Russian!).

It was an unusual and dramatic afternoon from the off. I was distracted by someone having reversed into my parked car just as the opposition arrived (please note this is the second time this has happened. Word of advice to other members, don’t park under the trees.)

During the first game the dog provided further distraction by howling, until removed to its owner’s car. Our poor, parched lawns prevented most shots from going where one wanted, however at the end of the doubles round it was one all.

In the singles we managed to win three games, putting us 4-2 up as we approached round three. All to play for – we only needed one win to secure the match. Sadly this was not to be.

Having lost two games everything hinged on the third. Meanwhile the insurance company phoned me, and then my phone died. Roseann kindly lent me her phone, and I was in the middle of re-answering all the questions (because it’s a new phone call 🙄) when the Sussex captain approached me in a state of nervous excitement. I had to abandon the call.

It transpired that the 2 remaining players had failed to time their match, but had clearly gone way over time. One needed to finish to go on holiday, and the other was holding up the team escape back to Sussex. The score was 5 all.

After a team conflab it was agreed that the first to win the next hoop, hoop 13, would win. (I should point out at this stage that neither player was aware of the critical nature of the result!). With all the other team members watching this nail biter, 3 of the first shots to hoop 13 finished short. The tension was palpable.

Several minutes later the matter was resolved, with Sussex squeaking a win, meaning they had won the match 5-4.

It was certainly a close run thing and was, I think, enjoyed by all. Congratulations Sussex, and well played GGCC.

SECF Ladies Day 7/7

Janet Curtecka, Lynn Edge, Roseann Sullivan and Hilary Bird sallied forth to Southwick, for a long, hot, tiring day of croquet, against 6 other randomly drawn SECF clubs.

We had moments of success, including beating Chichester and Fishbourne, and drawing with Bromley. Despite many closely fought matches, unfortunately our efforts went unrewarded – the rewards coming from having had an enjoyable day playing and socialising with both old and new friends.

Well played, Ladies.

GC Handicap Team B

We played our second match on 27/6 (apologies for the delay in reporting the result).

The team comprised Jan and Graham Lamacraft, Charles Martin and Jan Honeysett. Our opposition, Chichester and Fishbourne, arrived bright and early (the kettle hadn’t even boiled!) for what promised to be a well matched morning.

After the doubles round we were 2-0 down, so went into the singles round somewhat nervously. Happily, we won three of the four games, meaning we had equalised . Sadly, in the third round we were unable to maintain the momentum and so Chichester and Fishbourne won 6-3.

As ever, the scores did not entirely reflect the closeness of many of the games. Well done team – good effort.


Team B had their first match of the season, away to Woking, on Monday 5th June.

Charles Martin, Peter Adams, Jan Honeysett and Hilary Bird battled against a well matched team, with all of the advantage handicap games going to either 7-6 or 7-5. Nevertheless, Woking won 6-3.

The prize for endurance has to go to Jan and Charles whose doubles match took one and three quarter hours 😳. Meanwhile Peter and Hilary, who finished in 35 minutes , languished on the sidelines drinking tea! The decision was then made to time limit the remaining games, not surprisingly.

Onwards and upwards……

AGM date

Our AGM will be held on Sunday 26th March at 4pm, via Zoom. Please make a note of this in your diaries, as we need to have a quorum to agree the accounts, reports and resolutions.

If you are unfamiliar with Zoom don’t worry – we will give you guidance/instructions to make it easy to join in.

More information to follow…..

Fantastic quiz night!

A very overdue thank you to Julie Tremble and Jan Honeysett for organising such a successful and enjoyable quiz night on 15th October.

The magnificent profit of nearly £1500, will be a very useful addition to our irrigation project fund.

Thanks to all members who attended, brought friends and relations, and contributed items for the raffle.

GC Team B win their final game!

The lawns were still like concrete, despite the odd shower, as we welcomed West Worthing for our last game in the SECF handicap league.

Our team, Peter Adams, Ian ”one-I” Taylor, John Bryson and Lynn Edge, had some convincing wins during the course of a very hot morning, culminating in an overall win of 5.5 to 3.5.

Everyone then retreated to the ever decreasing shade for a well deserved picnic lunch.

With 3 wins out of 4 this year, Team B have performed well, although are unlikely to win the league this time (we must give other clubs a chance!) .