Longman Cup 2nd round success for G&G

It was a long journey down to Bristol on 21st June for our second round Longman Cup match in the national AC handicap competition, although with Martin Seidel on his motorbike the journey was reduced to less than two hours.  John  Gosden and Richard Perkins with a combined handicap of 20 (4 & 16) played the doubles against the Bristol pair, who also had a combined handicap of 20 (6 & 14).  The Bristol pair elected to play alternate strokes while we stuck to each playing our own ball.  This is the first year where this option has been widely permitted; previously the two teams had to agree on which option to adopt for both teams and stick to playing their own ball if they couldn’t agree.  Early on John was able to take his ball round to 4-back in a couple of turns.  In the remaining 2½ hours Richard and the Bristol pair made steady progress one hoop at a time, but Bristol never managed to recover this initial deficit and we were convincing winners +10 on time.  The two singles matches were much tighter with Martin Seidel prevailing +1 and Bernie Phillips +2, both on time. 

In the afternoon with the confidence from his victory in the morning Martin was first to finish, winning comfortably (+12), closely followed by John (+21).  The other two singles matches both went to time.  Bernie took an early lead of 16 points but his opponent slowly clawed his way back but as time was called was still two hoops behind.  In a hard-fought, low-scoring game Richard built a reasonable lead while his opponent was struggling to get both balls off the first hoop.  In the last hour she made steady progress to nearly catch up but in the end Richard won by 3. 

The final result was 7-0 to Guildford & Godalming.  Well done to all the team!  Now on to the quarter final.