PJ’s Pot and the GC All England Handicap Qualifier

Six players signed up to play a GC Handicap competition to win PJ’s Pot and at the same time aim to qualify for the area final of the National GC All England Handicap Competition. With six players a straightforward all-play-all competition was in order.

With GC Advantage rules it was an uphill struggle for those with lower handicaps as starting on a minus number of hoops was taxing in the extreme. The most difficult match was between Bernie Phillips starting on -4 hoops against Julia Schroder having a 2 hoop start! With some tense interchanges Bernie managed a win against some excellent play by Julia. Other matches were equally difficult Andrew Lockwood’s match against Brian Bartholomew saw starts of -2 to Andrew and +2 to Brian.

Not surprisingly our medium handicapped players fared best. Richard Perkins had 3 wins and against the odds Bernie, playing off a 2 handicap, also had 3 wins. Vernon Salt (7) and Brian Bartholomew (9) each won 4 matches. Under the Advantage rules for tied games Brian won the tournament to receive PJ’s Pot and a place in the GC All England Handicap area final.

Well done to all players – thank you for supporting this competition.

Andrea Huxley, manager