Two friendly AC matches

On the 24th July we played Watford on their summer tour.  After the morning the match was finely balanced, with Andrew Fewster and Ian Fugeman recording wins by 10 and 9 hoops respectively, while John Gosden and Arthur Lindley narrowly lost the doubles and Peter Adams his singles game.  In the afternoon we swept to victory with John and Julie Tremble winning the doubles comfortably, despite a late fight back from their opponents.  Ian and Andrew won their games with Ian recording a whitewash and Peter lost by the smallest possible margin, 1 hoop on time. 

On 15th August we played Rother Valley seeking revenge for our narrow loss in the SECF U-league earlier in the year.  In the morning Ian Fugeman won his game in double quick time and once Stephen Stuart-Matthews finally got in, after his opponent Chris Stiff had used all of his bisques, he completed two 11 hoop breaks in successive turns and pegged out.  John Gosden and Arthur Lindley played steadily and won their doubles fairly comfortably on time.  In the afternoon Stephen and Ian were joined by new member Tim Dutton and Julie Tremble and all four won their games by convincing margins resulting in a 7-0 victory.  Well played all!