Restricted (R) League Golf Croquet 28/06/23 v Woking

2023 sees GGCC’s  first entry into SECF’s Golf Croquet Restricted (R) League. Each team comprises 4 players, the sum of whose handicaps must be at least 16. 7 matches are played (one doubles and 6 singles) to ensure a result. Each match is the best of three, 13 point games and each game must be timed to take no longer than 1 hour.

The opening contest saw GGCC face familiar opponents from Woking. Today’s team was Julie T, Steve S-M, Peter A and Hilary B. The day didn’t start so well with Julie and Steve losing the doubles fairly convincingly, but immediately picked up with both Peter and Hilary winning their singles, so a narrow lead of 2-1 to GGCC at the lunch break.

The post-lunch singles matches were all close affairs, three of them going the full 3 games. In the end, GGCC squeaked home in 3 of the 4 matches. Star of the day was Peter who won both his matches but gratifyingly every team member contributed at least a point to the eventual 5-2 win.

We very much enjoyed the company of our good friends from Woking and look forward to our next fixture in this competition.