The MaD Cup – GC C level Tournament

Sixteen players from 8 different clubs gathered to play in the GGCC C level tournament on Saturday 24th June.

The day started with the players in 4 blocks competing in an all-play-all format. After 3 games The Blue and Red blocks had clear winners with Steve Morton (Phyllis Court) and Philip Hendy (Camerton and Peasedown) and Nigel Wucko ( Camerton and Peasedown) and Andrew Jackson (GGCC) going through to the afternoon main knockout rounds. In the Black block Fraser Wilkes (GGCC) was the clear winner with three wins while the other three players each had one win. Paul Brown (Sussex) won through on net hoops. In the Yellow block three players each had 2 wins so again net hoops were used to decide the places. Helen Essa and Carol Wadsworth ( both Phyllis Court players) went through to the main knockout.

There was then a rest while the players enjoyed a beautifully prepared lunch provided by Jan Honeysett and her sous-chef John Bryson.

And so on to the knockouts. In the Plate knockout the final was played between Freda Knight (Reigate Priory) and Rob Eagle (Phyllis Court) with Freda winning 7-5.

Freda Knight wins the Plate

Fraser wins the MaD Cup

The main knockout was closely fought through 3 rounds with the final played between Fraser Wilkes and Steve Morton. Although the result was 7-1 to Fraser that does not reflect the standard of play – every hoop was strongly contested.

Fraser had played his first ever competitive singles match and won his debut tournament. A great result for him and very well deserved. Congratulations, Fraser.

Andrea Huxley, Manager