Winning the Bird Bath

May 27th saw 12 couples arriving at GGCC to play in the GC Handicap Doubles aiming to win The Doubles Dish aka The Bird Bath.

The competition was played to GC Handicap Advantage rules and for many of the competitors that was a challenge. The ‘new’ rules do away with extra turns for the higher handicapped players replacing them with a head start in hoops gained. For those with very low handicaps a starting point of, perhaps, -3 hoops proved a challenge.

Two groups of six in all-play-all blocks was the initial format leading to cross block final games for each pair. Fortunately for the manager there were clear winners and placings in each block.

Three games were played before the lunch break and , as is usual with tournaments played at GGCC, we were treated to an impressive lunch provided by Jan Honeysett. It was much appreciated by players and managers alike.

The last two games of the blocks were played and then on to the last games. The final was played between Lis Drury (6) and Tony James (5) from Compton and David (0) and Maggie Boyd (11) from Woking. It was a fiercely contested match with David and Maggie the eventual winners 7-6. Congratulations to them – all they need now is a bird!

I would like to thank the many club members who gave up their time to prepare the club for the tournament and for those players who speedily closed up at the end of the day. Thanks also to Andrew Jackson and Mike Huxley who acted as referees for the day.

Andrea Huxley, Manager