The Grass Roots Qualifier

The Grass Roots is a CA national competition designed to encourage high handicapped and new players to participate in competitions and tournaments. It is a level play GC competition for those with a handicap of 8+.

Initially there is a qualifying club round to find a player to be selected for the national final. This year GGCC had a select group of four players to compete for a place in the final. It was decided that it would be an all-play-all block between the 4 contenders.

Andrew Jackson (9), Iain Richardson (8), Janet Curtecka (12) and Wendy Lockwood (12) were all keen to take the top spot.

Wendy won 2 of her games – in her first CA tournament – but Iain was the victor winning all 3 of his games and will be offered a place in the national finals in Hunstanton in September. Congratulations to all four players.

Andrea Huxley, Manager, 7 June 2023