AC Winter League Rules

  • The format is an all-play-all league. You should aim to play one game of AC against each of the other players in the league.
  • The type of game is to be agreed by the two players of each game; e.g. 26-point, 18-point or 14-point; handicap, handicap to a base, level, level advanced etc
  • The time limit for each game is to be agreed between the two players e.g. 2.5 hours; 3 hours; no time limit. This may be selected based on the type of game, weather conditions etc.
  • Games do not count for your handicap card (unless both players agree beforehand that their game does)
  • The winner of each game should e-mail the the type of game and result to Peter Adams.
  • The deadline for playing your games is 31st March 2024.