07/12/15   Christmas Lunch Once again we had an excellent turnout for our annual Christmas lunch at the Inn on the Lake.

SECF League results 2015
SECF AC U League – G&G 5th of 14 teams
SECF GC Level Play League – G&G 2nd of 6 teams
SECF Golf Handicap League West – G&G A – 3rd and G&G B – 9th of 14 teams

07/09/15   All England AC Handicap Area Final – G&G had two members, Barry Gould and Ian Fugeman in the area finals played at Surbiton. With 4 wins from the 5 games played, Ian won the Area Final and now goes forward to play in the National Final at Chester on 19 & 20 September. 

02/09/15   SECF GC Level Play League v Compton Team members: Chris Heath, Mike Huxley, Gillian Noble-Jones and Tony Mrozinski. Match result: G&G 4: Compton 3

19/08/15   Mid-Surrey Federation of Townswomen’s Guilds.  Once again, G&G hosted the TG’s annual croquet tournament. 35 members formed into 18 teams to compete for the impressive trophy. With only one break for the traditional picnic lunch the teams completed an impressive 79 games, and all 4 lawns were kept busy with games double banked. Team “Birdie” won.

10/08/15   SECF Golf Handicap League Team A v Rother Valley (Home) It was a hard-fought game with a score of 1 all after the two doubles in the first round; then it was 3 all after the next round of four singles.  The final round comprised two singles and a doubles and as the two singles finished the score was 4 all. It all depended on the last game where Mike and Lynn needed to win their doubles match. Fortunately, they pulled out all the stops to win the game and take the match for G&G. Rother Valley were friendly opponents and both teams enjoyed a post-match lunch provided by Hilary Bird. Team: Charles Martin, Julie Tremble, Lynn Edge and Mike Huxley. Match result: G&G A 5: Rother Valley 4

This final match gave G&G A a clean sweep in their four matches. Those competing for Team A this season were: Andrea Huxley, Charles Martin, Hilary Bird, Julie Tremble, Lynn Edge, Mike Huxley and Peter Gill. Many thanks to all of them for representing the club – and winning! (AH) The final league standing placed the team 3rd out of 14 teams behind Woking and Sussex County who also won all their games but finished on a higher percentage of games won.

08/08/15   Golf Croquet B-Level Open Tournament MARE Cup. 16 players competed in the event, a qualifier for the National B-level Series. Conditions were challenging with fast lawns and the sun beating down. Peter Dowd took the trophy.

05/08/15   SECF GC Level Play League. Our team played its second league match of the season at home to Sussex County. Mike Huxley summed up Well, we were well and truly thumped by a better team! Sussex were well-deserved winners on the day.’ Match result: G&G 1: Sussex County 6

04/08/15   Croquet Taster Day. In spite of an overcast sky and a strong breeze 25 visitors, from complete novices to more experienced players, took the opportunity to play croquet with members of the club. Several visitors arrived early but members were already there to welcome and play with them; nearly everyone stayed for the whole afternoon, so our four lawns were really busy throughout the event, but no one had to wait for a game or sit out. The weather stayed dry, and visitors and members played on after the official closing time finally stopping to enjoy the refreshments that had been provided by members. Comments from visitors were very positive and the club hopes to welcome some new members in the next few weeks. A most successful open day. Thanks to Alex, our D of E volunteer, and the 19 members who supported the event not to mention those who could not come on the day but helped publicise the event.

02/05/15   SECF Golf Croquet Team Day Southwick was once again the venue for this event comprising team doubles and team singles. Our team enjoyed the day though those with very low handicaps found it very frustrating to play against opponents who under the trial handicap system received 7 or more bisques. Team: Andrea Huxley, Hilary Bird, Mike Huxley, Tony Mrozinski. 19 teams competed. Our results were: Singles – 5th; Doubles – 16th. 

01/05/15   SECF AC U League v Ealing Our team travelled to Ealing for the final match of the season.  Having won their previous three matches, it was slightly disappointing to finish the season by losing. Nonetheless the team put in a good performance and Ealing only took the match by one game. Team: Arthur Lindley, Mark Godfrey-James, Mike Thompson, Robert Bateson. Match result: G&G 3: Ealing 4  

22/07/15   SECF AC U League v Reigate. During a cloudy and at times very windy morning G&G lost their doubles and both singles in some closely fought games.  At lunchtime we were 3 down with 4 games to play. After a fine lunch provided by Jennifer our team set out with some trepidation knowing that we needed to win all four singles to clinch the match.  Ian was first to achieve a strong win and pegged out with time to spare.  Robert and Audrey each maintained good leads and won on points. With the score now 3 all the result of the match hung on Barry who was playing against Chris, a rapidly improving Reigate player with impressive strength and accuracy. The game went to time and Barry won on points; a fine example of experience and tactics winning through.  An amazing fight back from three nil to win the match. Team: Audrey Porter, Barry Gould, Ian Fugeman and Robert Bateson. Match result: G&G 4: Reigate 3

19/07/15   AC B-level Advanced Open Weekend. The weather was hot and sunny on the first day of play and the lawns were fast. The format was a modified Swiss with three rounds being played on the Saturday; the last of these ran well into the evening but although the temperature started to drop the light remained good. The forecast overnight rain did little more than mist the lawns which maintained their speed on the second day. There was fierce but friendly competition throughout the weekend’s play with the trophy in contention to the last.  The winner Nigel Hames-Keward was presented with the Frank Rendall Trophy.

15/07/15   SECF GC Level League v Ramsgate (Home)G&G had a successful start to their campaign. On paper we were modestly stronger (handicaps: G&G one player on 1 and three on 2; Ramsgate: three players on 2 and one on 4) and so it proved in practice on a hot day with testing hoops. We won all three of the morning games (1 doubles and 2 singles) and after a sumptuous lunch provided by Anne, lost just one of the afternoon’s four singles. Team: Tony Mrozinski, Mike Thompson, Gillian Noble-Jones and Chris Heath. (CH). Match result: G&G 6: Ramsgate 1

13/07/15   SECF GC Handicap League Team A v Littlehampton (Home) The day started badly with no opponents arriving to play the arranged match. After several phone calls to establish why there was a problem, the Littlehampton team arrived to have a speedy lunch before play began. The first round of two doubles games went to G&G. The second round of four singles games gave a further 3 wins to G&G. (5-1 so far!) The third round was for one doubles game and two singles. G&G won the first singles game but lost the doubles. The final singles game gave victory to G&G. The team of Mike Huxley, Charles Martin, Andrea Huxley, Peter Gill and Hilary Bird were delighted with the result which maintained Team A’s clean sheet. (AH). Match result: G&G A 7:  Littlehampton 2

11/07/15   Longman Cup v Reigate (Home) After the spell of dry hot weather both teams found the lawns were fast and the hoops unforgiving. Match result: G&G 2: Reigate 5

SECF GC Handicap League Team B v Woking Woking, the hosts, were welcoming, the lawns green and the roses and clematis beautiful. Following the league match, a pleasant afternoon was spent playing some friendly mixed team games after which the team was treated to tea and cake. Match result: G&G B 2: Woking 7

Murphy Shield v Phyllis Court Our team travelled to Phyllis Court for the quarter final. It proved to be a closely contested match. Match result: G&G 3: Phyllis Court 4

02/07/15  SECF AC U League v Sussex County. The weather in Sussex was wet in the morning but brightened up after lunch. In the morning Ian Fugeman lost very quickly – just over the hour – but in the doubles Arthur Lindley and Barry Gould soon levelled the scores with a 26-0 victory. The crucial singles seemed to be going against Peter Gill until his opponent accidentally pegged out one of his balls. Peter was able to take advantage of this and came out the winner by one point. After lunch we needed two more points. Ian soon had our first victory but then Barry and Peter were well-beaten. Everything depended on Arthur. After two hours he was well behind but then he hit in and was able to take his backward ball round to peg. He followed this soon after by taking his other ball from 4-back to peg and pegging out to win by 3 points. A couple of close shaves but we WON! (BG) Match result: G&G 4: Sussex County 3

23/06/15   Croquet by Candlelight The weather was ideal for the mid-summer croquet social – warm, dry and with a gentle breeze. The superb ‘bring and share’ buffet was set out in the lunch cabin, the final touch being a pretty posy arranged by Ginny. During an interval in play members and guests enjoyed the excellent food and, the weather being fine, were able to eat in the open by the lawns. The moon rose, the stars came out, the lanterns lit up and the enthusiasts returned to the lawns for more croquet until it was too dark to play even with head torches.

22/06/15   Golf Croquet Referee Congratulations to Mike Huxley who is now a qualified Golf Croquet Referee.

20/06/15   GC Handicap Open Tournament- PJ’s Pot 16 players, including six ‘home’ players, with a wide range of handicaps competed for the trophy.  In the morning players were divided into four groups each of 4 players with the top two of each group then qualifying for the afternoon knockout.  The final results were: 1st Ian Norris (Hcp 1); 2nd Peter Dowd (Hcp 5); 3rd Julie Tremble (Hcp 8).

18/06/15   SECF GC Handicap League Team A v Compton. On a beautiful warm summer day, the team of Hilary Bird, Peter Gill, Andrea Huxley and Mike Huxley travelled to Eastbourne to play at Compton Croquet Club. The match started well with G&G A winning both the doubles games 7-5, 7-5. The team then went on to win 3 out of the 4 games in the next round of singles. In the final round, a doubles and two singles, we fared less well, winning one of the singles but losing the other two games. However, this was sufficient to secure a comfortable win. The Compton team were very welcoming, and all the games were played in a very friendly manner. Croquet playing finished, we were entertained to a splendid tea. A good day all round! Match result: G&G A 6: Compton 3

10/06/15   SECF AC U League v Rother Valley (Home). In the morning session we managed to get a 2 to 1 lead having won the doubles and one of the single games. However, after a good lunch prepared by Jennifer, we had a tougher time in the afternoon. The sun came out and the lawns speeded up, making playing conditions much more difficult. Arthur Lindley lost by a single point and Ian Fugeman managed to win but only after his opponent had failed in his peg out attempt. Barry Gould scraped a win and so the match was won by one game. (BG) Team: Barry Gould, Arthur Lindley, Ian Fugeman and Peter Gill. Match result: G&G 4: Rother Valley 3

06/06/15   Longman Cup v Ramsgate. The weather was dry and fine but strong winds swept across the lawns throughout the day. Ramsgate, our opponents, were undeterred accustomed as they are to playing on an exposed promenade. The lunchtime score was 2:1 to G&G with the doubles and one single being won on time. We needed to win at least two of the four afternoon singles to win the match. Revived by lunch, or invigorated by the wind, the team went out and despite some tricky moments and strong competition won through to take all four games.  We will meet Reigate Priory in round 2. Congratulations to team members: Mark Godfrey-James, Stephen Stuart-Matthews, Ian Fugeman and Audrey Porter. Match result: G&G 6: Ramsgate 1

29/05/15   Murphy Shield v Sussex County Undeterred by appalling weather our team stormed to victory with a decisive win over Sussex County (aka Southwick). This was only the second year we have entered this national level play GC knockout competition and the result was particularly pleasing as the opposition was reputedly strong. Our team will now meet either Phyllis Court or Leighton Linslade in the quarter final. Match result: G&G 6: Sussex County 1

28/05/15   SECF GC Handicap League Team A v Worthing Accustomed to playing on full-sized lawns, our team had to adapt to playing on two lawns squeezed into one bowling green and it being all too easy to over hit! At four games each there was everything to play for in the last doubles; fortunately, the partnership of Hilary Bird and Lynn Edge did not know that everything depended on the outcome. They won the game 7-5 so clinching the match for G&G.  Worthing were friendly hosts and tea delicious. Congratulations to team members: Andrea Huxley, Hilary Bird, Lynn Edge and Peter Gill. Match result: G&G A 5: Worthing 4.

17/05/15   SECF AC Team Doubles Weekend G&G fielded a different team of four players on each day. On the Saturday our players won four of their six matches; however, on the Sunday things did not go quite so well.  One partnership won their first match and then came up against a tense situation with three balls on peg and our in-player facing the daunting task of attempting to make a break from hoop 2; he managed to get to 9 but then the opposition came in to finish the match.  The result for the weekend was 5 wins out of 10 matches played.  The results and the final positions of the teams will be published on the SECF web site in due course.

10/05/15   AC Open Challenge Cup Advanced An unexpected late entry meant that manager, Tony Mrozinski, had to make some minor adjustments to the format of this advanced association tournament. However, the weather was kind, and everything ran smoothly.  Congratulations to Jose Riva from London who won all his games and was presented with the Open Challenge Cup.

10/05/15   One-ball Charity Competition raises over £4,000 – Kevin Carter, manager of the annual event, reports that a total of 430 players participated in 29 heats and the provisional figure raised for Bowel Cancer UK was £3,400, plus £800 in Gift Aid. The winner was Andrew Killick from Middlesbrough and the runner-up David Nicholson of Winchester. Stephen Stuart-Matthews, winner of our qualifying event reports on his experience of coming up against David Nicholson ’30 people turned up and the weather was great. Sorry folks I didn’t bring a cup back. On 4 wins out of 5 I was feeling quite smug having just rescued a game with my first ever nine-point break without bisques. The next game soon brought my comeuppance. Playing, or should I say watching, David Nicholson (hcp -1 cut to -4 for one ball). I’d put him close to NE corner 2 and rolled my ball 2 feet S of the first hoop. Unfortunately, he hit my ball square on with a 30 yd roquet and followed that with a mesmerising 13-point break to win! I then lost my form a bit and finished the day on 5 out of 9.’ 

13/04/15   Applewood Bowl. Eight members competed in an informal Winter AC short games tournament for the Applewood Bowl. Competitors had to play two games of One-ball and two 14-point games of handicap association to advanced rules – a format designed to minimise sitting out in the cooler months. All matches having been played there were three players in the running to win; it was agreed that the decider should be a play-off between them, each having four shots at the peg.  Mike Thompson won the play-off and so won the trophy for the second time this season. Congratulations to Mike and thanks to Arthur Lindley for arranging and managing the tournament.

One-ball AC Charity Handicap The charity this year is Bowel Cancer UK and players were asked to wear something purple to reflect their support.  Not only did the players sport purple, varying from a discreet flash to some rather more flamboyant hats, but the spectator also wore purple. As the competition progressed Stephen Stuart-Matthews began to emerge as the most likely winner; despite the efforts of his opponents his lead continued to increase and at the end of the day he had won 7 of the 8 games he played to win the One-ball trophy for the second consecutive year. Thanks to all competitors for their donations to the charity, to Mike Huxley for managing the tournament, to Jennifer Fugeman for making the arrangements. Congratulations to Stephen who goes forward to play in the final at Surbiton.  

29/03/15   Fencing The new fence between the croquet lawns and the rugby pitches has been erected on schedule and on budget!  Using volunteer labour has saved us just over £2,000. It’s amazing what can be achieved – let’s hope we prove to be as successful playing croquet later in the season.  The work was quite a challenge for a club of our size and for those more familiar with a croquet mallet than a sledgehammer; however, a good eye for a line proved invaluable. A big thank you goes to Arthur Lindley for planning and over-seeing the work, providing most of the tools, and for carrying out the preliminary turf cutting and post digging.  Special thanks also go to Adam Lindley who willingly gave up his time to help both with the preliminary work and with the fencing – without his assistance the job would not have gone so smoothly.  Not least we express our thanks to the fencing team who not only demonstrated practical skills they never knew they possessed but provided an admirable example of good team working. The team comprised: Alan Brown, Anthony Tutt, Barry Gould, Chris Heath, Hilary Bird, Ian Fugeman, Jennifer Fugeman, Mike Huxley, Mike Thompson and Stephen Mulliner. Support for the job was provided by Jay Bentley and Ginny, Arthur’s wife, who kindly provided cakes and scones. When energy levels started to flag a short ‘cake break’ was called and soon sent the team back to the task of post bashing with renewed vigour.

20/01/15   Tackling the hedge Whilst most members have stayed by the fireside during the recent cold snap Stephen Mulliner chose an alternative way of keeping warm and single-handedly tackled removing the beech hedge between the bowls lawn and old lawn 4 to create new lawns 1 and 2. Arthur Lindley helped with disposal of the arisings and had a large bonfire!