04/12/14   Christmas Lunch This year the venue was The Star in Witley where we took over the front bar for our festive lunch.

15/11/14   Informal AC mini tournament. On a misty but dry winter’s day 5 members enjoyed an informal AC mini tournament. Two rounds of one-ball games were followed by two of 14-point handicap advanced games (with a pub lunch between them), and a final one-ball to close. The programme was designed to minimise the length of time players had to sit out getting cold while their opponent was in play – in which it largely succeeded, even though, because of the odd number of contestants, someone had to sit out with a bye in each round. In the end, Mike Thompson came out the winner, with Tony Mrozinski a close second. Another event of similar format could be staged later, perhaps in early spring, if there is sufficient interest. (AL)  

SECF League Results 2014
AC U League – 8th out of 14
GC Level Play League – 2nd out of 6
GC Handicap League West Team B – 2nd out of 16
GC Handicap League West Team A – 5th out of 16

21/09/14   SECF GC Level Play League v Surbiton. For the third of their four matches G&G were playing away against Surbiton. Strong opposition and a good lunch were expected. After a closely fought game, our team finally secured the match by one game. Congratulations to team members Tony Mrozinski, Mike Thompson, Chris Heath and Amanda Bentley.  The final match of the season is on Wednesday, 1 October when the team is playing at home against Compton. Match Result: G&G 4: Surbiton 3

15/09/14   SECF GC Handicap League Team B v Dogmersfield Congratulations to Team B who won their final match of the season against Dogmersfield on Monday. Mike Thompson reports that whilst they have won all four of their matches, it looks as though the team will be placed second in the league. The successful team members were: Mike Thompson, Amanda Bentley and Anne Buckingham each of whom played in all 4 matches; Ann Little who played in 3 and Jay Bentley who played 1 match. Match Result: G&G B 5: Dogmersfield 4

06/09/14   SECF AC U League v Reigate This was the first time the Bowls lawn was used for an association match and it was interesting to see how players adapted to the difference of speed between it and Lawn 4.  By lunch, Reigate were in the lead two games to one having won the doubles and one single, whilst Mark Godfrey-James had won his singles on time for the home team.  There was still everything to play for in the singles after lunch but an early win by Reigate was followed by two more wins until there was only Mike Thompson’s match in contention.  Mike finally clinched his match winning by one point on time. Half the Reigate team had left well before the end of the match and it was left to their last two players to take the match results back. Match Result: G&G 2: Reigate Priory B 5

01/09/14  SECF GC Level Play League With G&G unable to field a full strength team, this fixture was always going to be difficult, especially as Sussex are probably the strongest team in the league and favoured to win it. The Sussex team had handicaps of 0, 2, 2 and 2 against G&G’s 2, 3, 3 and 4. On paper, this seemed to be a bit of a long shot, and so it proved. The morning doubles was comfortably won by Sussex, but the two singles were shared, with Chris Heath notching up a good victory. So, 2-1 to Sussex at lunchtime, with four singles to be played in the afternoon. The two Mikes each lost their singles by two games to one, against opponents ranked much higher. Mike Huxley’s third game was quite tight but was effectively put out of reach at hoop 10. Mike looked favourite to win the hoop and level at 5-5, until his opponent played an excellent clearance shot that resulted in an in-off that seemed to defy the laws of physics! That put Alan Cottle (0) 6-4 up and despite a brief rally from Mike, Alan ran out the winner by 7-5. On the second lawn, Mike Thompson came back from a game down to level at 1-1 but couldn’t quite nail his opponent down in the third. The other two singles went comfortably to Sussex. Despite the score line, the G&G team thoroughly enjoyed the match and the hospitality of the home club. It’s our first season in this league and is a bit of a learning experience! So far, we have played two matches and won one of them. If we could win one of the remaining two, and finish with a won two lost two record, that would, I think, be a reasonable first effort. If we won both, that would be amazing! (MH). Match Result: G&G 1: Sussex County 6

31/08/14   All-England AC Handicap Area Final Three G&G members competed in the area final at Surbiton. Of the 16 competitors, four who had achieved 4 wins out of 5 went forward as entries to the national final. In addition, a Reserve had to be selected, but there were two competitors with 3 wins each – one of which was Stephen Stuart-Matthews. A challenge was set to determine who should take the reserve place. 5 shots each at the first hoop from A-baulk; 3 points for running the hoop, 2 if stuck in the jaws, and 1 if any part of the hoop is hit. In this challenge, Stephen came out a clear winner, and so was nominated as the reserve entrant for the national final, should one of the four selected entrants drop out. (AL)

28/08/14   Work completed on new lawns   A week after the preparatory spraying, the contractors returned to undertake the major groundwork and seeding. An early start was once again the order of the day for Arthur Lindley who was at the club to let the contractors in. The tractors and specialist machinery were soon unloaded and work on the first phase was well underway before most club members were up.  Watching the turf being stripped and the dance of the tractors at the end of each swathe was fascinating for the spectator but by 10.00 am this was completed and raking, and levelling began.  The contractors carried out the initial levelling by laser and then demonstrated their expertise with a final manual levelling and compaction. From rough, uneven ground a flat even surface emerged, and the prospect of new level lawns became a reality. Working tirelessly through the day without any hitches the contractors decided to work late into the evening to complete the seeding and fertilising and so by nightfall all was completed. Our thanks to the Croquet Association, Surrey County Playing Fields Association and the South East Croquet Federations for their contributions towards the cost of this project without which it would not have been possible.

27/08/14   SECF GC Handicap League Team A v Preston Park With work having just started on the new lawns, play took place on the bowls green and the old court 4 (maybe it will be the new court 2 in the fullness of time). That was most definitely a new and strange experience, as lawn 4 was fast, with its usual inbuilt twists and turns whereas the bowls green was much truer but significantly slower, especially after the recent rain. Mike Huxley, for one, and possibly others, hadn’t struck a ball on the bowls green before play started in the match. It didn’t seem to matter though, as G&G won both opening doubles followed by all four of the second-round singles. The final round also went to G&G by two games to one, making the final score G&G 8: Preston Park 1 (60 hoops to 36). Match statistics G&G 60 hoops Preston Park 36. Preston Park received 35 extra turns, G&G received none. A fine win for Team A to round off a successful season (won 3 lost 1) with just the one ‘blip’ in our away match at West Worthing. Thanks to Andrea Huxley, Chris Heath, Julie Tremble and Hilary Bird for their efforts. Let’s go one better next year and win 4 out of 4! (MH)

21/08/14   Work starts on new lawns  Arthur Lindley reports that the first stage of work to create the new lawns was successfully completed. Arthur, having refused the offer of a sleepover in the club tent, had an early start having to be at the club by 6.00 am to open the gates for the contractor. Judges arrived on the dot of 6.00 am and had finished spraying and gone by 7.00 am.  The early start was made to catch the early morning stillness and with absolutely no breeze there was no spray drift. The photos show why still weather was so important. As the contractor headed back to Ashford, Arthur’s work was just beginning.  The rope line fence had to be moved to protect the area and warning notices tied on to deter people and dog walkers. A much longer job than the spraying but just as necessary.

20/08/14   Mid-Surrey Federation of Townswomen’s Guilds 32 members entered their annual croquet tournament this year. This year Alex, a volunteer working towards his D of E award, assisted the lawn stewards setting up the courts, resolving players’ queries and helping with the admin.  The highlight for our visitors was his ‘porter service’ between the car park and the lawns. Ellen Jenkinson presented the cup to the winning team ‘Never Grow Up’.  

17/08/14   SECF GC Level Play v Ryde  Tony Mrozinski, Mike Huxley, Barry Gould and Chris Heath formed the team that dipped its toes for the first time into the SECF Level Play League. Our visitors, from Ryde (IoW) kept us waiting in the cold for a while (something to do with ferries); eventually arriving at 11am, so there wasn’t a lot of time for chit-chat. It was straight on with the show. The format for this league is one best-of-three doubles match and two best-of-three singles matches in the morning session, and then four best-of-three singles matches in the afternoon. Our opponents had GC handicaps of 1, 2, 3, 3 compared with out 2, 2, 3, 4, so they were marginally the stronger side on paper. It proved not to be so on the courts, though. By lunchtime, G&G had won all three matches, and that was followed by the home side winning three of the four afternoon matches. A fun day’s croquet with very friendly opponents. Well done team! (MH). Match Result: G&G 6: Ryde 1

12/08/14   GC Handicap All England Regional Finals Charles Martin, Joan West and Robert Bateson competed in the regional final held at Surbiton for a place in the national final. Joan and Charles had mixed results, but Robert was in better form and is congratulated on securing a place at the finals later in the year.

11/08/14   Liphook U3A Croquet 1 Nine members of this group visited the club on Monday morning to find out about playing a 4-ball break and playing with bisques.  The visitors had asked us to put on a demo-game before they took to the lawns to put what they had seen into practice.  Highlight of the morning was Arthur Lindley’s execution of a faultless textbook 4-ball break through 6 hoops. After this impressive start Ian Fugeman crossed his fingers to play Arthur and get a break going with 2 bisques.  The visitors then played alternate turn doubles with support from their leader and our team.

09.08.14   B-level GC Tournament Mare Cup 12 competitors vied to win the and a place in the national final in October. It was only after 5 rounds that the final contenders were identified; a really nail-biting game followed until the outcome hung on hoop 13. Mike Huxley won, runner up Farooq Malik.

06/08/14 Golf Croquet Level Play Club Competition for members with handicaps between 4 and 9 was fiercely competed by six members. Amanda Bentley emerged as the clear winner having won her matches against each of the other competitors in this all play all competition.

05/08/14   Open Day This was our most successful open/taster day to date and for the first time was run in association with the Godalming Staycation programme.  At one point 25 visitors were on the lawns enjoying games with club members. The Mayor and Mayoress of Godalming, Councillor Andrew Wilson and his wife Jocelyn, supported the event and both of them took to the lawns for a game of croquet complete with mayoral chains. Refreshments provided by members were on offer, but it was not until late afternoon that people took time out from playing to enjoy them.  

03/08/14   SECF GC Team Day We entered only one team this year: Tony Mrozinski Amanda Bentley, Mike and Andrea Huxley. There were 18 teams entered in all. The morning’s competition involved playing 4 doubles games, single banked, each of the team’s pairs playing two games. G&G did reasonably well, scoring 2.5 wins out of 4 (draws were permissible since all games were subject to strict time limits). We finished 5th out of 18 teams as a consequence of having a good points difference (hoops scored minus hoops conceded). Mike and Andrea were extremely frustrated by an astonishingly slow pair who held interminable committee meetings. After 40 minutes, the opponents had used up all of their 5 extra turns and the score was 3-3. Yes, you read that correctly. Only 6 hoops completed in 40 minutes! The afternoon singles started rather indifferently, with only 1 point being scored out of the first 4 games. Thereafter, thing looked up, the team girded their loins, as it were, and G&G finished with 7.5 wins out of 12, again putting them in 5th place out of 18 teams. Impressive performance of the day was off the lawns, where Tony put on an exhibition of cake eating. Overall, not a bad performance and it was a grand day out in the sunshine. (MH)

30/07/14   AC Friendly v Rother Valley In warmth and sunshine all day, G&G achieved a narrow win. Lunch and tea, provided by Jennifer, added to the enjoyment and sociability of the day. The Rother Valley team, with handicaps ranging from 14 to 20, put quite a strain on our supply of bisques, since the G & G team, with the exception of Joan West who played doubles with Arthur Lindley in the morning only, all had handicaps less than 10. Nonetheless, most games were closely fought, only Gillian Noble-Jones achieved a thoroughly dominant win by 24 points, which included a complete 12-hoop break with one ball. An enjoyable day for all: hopefully next season there will be higher handicap G&G members interested to experience some competitive AC play. (AL). Match Result: G&G 4: Rother Valley 3

26/07/14   Hamptworth B-level Golf Croquet Singles Tournament Congratulations to Chris Heath who won all six of his matches and as a consequence his handicap has moved down to 4. The tournament is one of the B-level Series qualifying tournaments for the national final and so Chris will go on to play in the final to be held in October.

26/07/14   SECF AC U League v Ealing This was a tough match, played under sweltering conditions and we were giving away a lot of bisques. In the morning session Stephen Stuart-Matthews won quickly but Arthur Lindley (singles) and Robert Bateson with Barry Gould in the doubles both went to time. Arthur won, so it was 2-1 to us at lunch. Jennifer produced a most welcome lunch which was enjoyed by all. In the afternoon Stephen managed another quick win but the rest struggled. Barry fell behind but his opponent made a near fatal error by only pegging out one of his balls. Barry had a long hit in and started to claw back the points only to fail the last hoop allowing his opponent to win by +3. Whilst this game was coming to its conclusion Robert lost on time and now the match was in Arthur’s hands. He was 5 hoops behind but in play. He made 7 further hoops and after time was called scattered the balls – he had won. Very well done to Stephen and Arthur whose 4 points between them meant that we won a tight match. (BG) Match Result: G&G 4: Ealing 3

24/07/14   SECF GC Handicap League Team A v West Wittering Well, the numbers spell it out! Team A had a somewhat less than successful visit to West Worthing. Two doubles matches were lost in quick succession, followed by the loss of three of the four singles put us 5 – 1 down after two rounds. Nothing to play for except a bit of pride, but we didn’t even manage that! Both points were scored by G&G’s player of the day – Chris Heath – who as a consequence achieved a handicap reduction from 6 to 5. Hilary Bird, on her team debut, showed considerable promise and was unfortunate not to get a win in the singles. A disappointing showing from those not mentioned above! Must do better! (MH) Match Result: G&G 2: West Worthing 7:

22/07/14   SECF GC Handicap League Team B v Rother Valley  In spite of the hot weather several of the team members still felt fresh enough to return to the club to play more croquet. Match Result: G&G B 6: Rother Valley 3

20/07/14   AC B-Level Advanced Open Weekend At the end of the second day’s play there were three contenders for the shield with an equal number of wins so it was down to the manager of the day to work through the criteria of who beat whom, quality of wins and points.  After some serious calculations David Boyd emerged as the winner taking home the Frank Rendall Trophy for the second year running.

15/07/14   SECF AC U League v Rother Valley. It was a glorious day, and we had some lovely countryside to look at – if the croquet was not exciting enough! In the morning Rother decided, unusually, to play their two highest handicappers in the doubles. We played our lower two, giving away bisques in the doubles but hopefully helping our two singles players. It worked! Andrew Fewster recorded a quick win and Ian Fugeman followed soon after. The doubles was a different matter but Robert Bateson and Barry Gould managed to grind out a win +2 on time. So, to lunch with a 3-0 advantage. The afternoon was not so easy. Robert had a quick loss, but the others kept going and fortunately Andrew managed quite a quick win. In the meantime, Barry was struggling against ex-G&G member David Boyd who was quickly 11 hoops ahead. Barry slowly pulled him back but eventually lost -3. Ian was still going and as time was called needed a break to rover plus a peel! He started very well but came unstuck at 1-back. So, the perfect morning score had been transformed to a narrow win – many thanks to Andrew, the only one to win both his games. (BG) Match Result: G&G 4: Rother Valley 3

09/07/14   SECF Golf Handicap League Team A v Chichester & Fishbourne We last played Chichester & Fishbourne at home towards the end of last season, winning 8-1. Could things possibly go as well again in the reverse fixture? Well, victories like that don’t come along very often, unfortunately. We set off in slightly overcast weather but, by the time we reached the coast, things had cheered up considerably and it turned out to be a perfect afternoon for croquet. C&F fielded a team of 6. This is allowed for in the league rules, so that more people can experience competitive croquet. There were some familiar faces from last year’s match and a few new ones. Off we went in the first round of two doubles games – won 1 and lost 1 – so on to the round of 4 singles which were won 3-1, leaving G&G leading by 4 games to 2. So, the match was still ‘live’ – if C&F won the final round of 2 singles and 1 double, they could win the match 5-4. Unfortunately for them, it was not to be. Andrea Huxley and Chris Heath cruised to comfortable wins in their singles and Mike Huxley and Julie Tremble took the final double 7-1. So, the match result was 7-2 to G&G. Not quite as good as 8-1, but close. Great team effort all round. I cannot finish this report without mentioning the friendliness, hospitality, and cheerfulness in adversity of the Chichester team. A really lovely bunch of people, and a positively splendid tea to round off the afternoon. Thanks, Chichester, if you ever read this. (MH) PS For those interested in stats – the ‘bisque count’ was: Extra turns conceded: 28; Extra turns received: 1. Match Result: G&G A 7: Chichester & Fishbourne 2

03/07/14   SECF GC Handicap League Team B v Preston Manor Congratulations to team members: Mike Thompson, Amanda Bentley, Anne Buckingham and Ann Little. Match Result: G&G B 7: Preston Manor 2

26/06/14   Croquet by Candlelight  The forecast was for rain in the late evening but unfortunately it started to drizzle about 5 pm just as the lawns were being set up. Undeterred by the weather everyone turned up for the combined social evening and SGM. The buffet was laid out in the tent rather than under the gazebo and croquet, albeit interrupted from time to time by heavy rain, was played regardless. 33 members and guests managed to squeeze into the tent for the excellent ‘bring and share’ buffet with one or two hardy souls sheltering outside. The weather improved as the evening wore on and more croquet was played until the light started to fail.

21/06/14   Golf Croquet Handicap Singles Tournament – PJ’s Pot On the day of the summer solstice, and what a glorious day it was, 12 players converged on G&G to compete for PJ’s Pot. No druids present, despite the significant date and the passing resemblance of a croquet hoop to a trilithon. There were six members of G&G plus two visitors each from Reigate, Hamptworth and Phyllis Court. Handicaps ranged from 1 (Ian Norris, Phyllis Court) to 10 (Freda Knight, Reigate), missing only a 2 handicap. Competitors were split into blocks of six (all-play-all) followed by a final round where the top players from each block played off for first and second places, the second players competed for third and fourth positions, and so forth. Block A was won by Chris Heath, with four wins out of five, losing only to the manager. In block B, Andrea Huxley and Ian Norris each finished on four wins, and had to be separated by net points. Using this criterion, Andrea prevailed – she was also the only player to beat Ian in the group stage – so advanced to the final. So, to the final round. Chris used his extra turns to very good effect and ran out a comfortable winner. A very well-deserved first cup, to follow the medal he won recently at Hamptworth. All in all, an extremely enjoyable day’s croquet with some tight finishes – out of the 36 games played during the day 10 went to the 13th hoop.  Top six finishers: Chris Heath (G&G) Hcp 6; Andrea Huxley (G&G) Hcp 4; John Knight (Reigate) Hcp 7; Ian Norris (Phyllis Court) Hcp 1; Mike Huxley (G&G) Hcp 3; Joan West (G&G) Hcp 5 (MH)

19/06/14   SECF GC Handicap League Team A v Woking Team A got off to what can only be described as a faltering, but ultimately successful, start to the SECF Handicap League against a strong Woking team. In beautiful sunny weather, the first two doubles were shared. One game went to the 13th hoop, which was won by Julie Tremble with a super 4 yarder. So, 1-1 after round 1. Four singles followed. Andrea Huxley and Julie won theirs in fairly quick time, putting G&G 3-1 up in the match. Unfortunately, Mike Huxley and Chris Heath were faring less well, and after the second round, the score was 3-3, with a double and two singles left to be played. An out-of-sorts Mike contrived to lose his singles, putting Woking ahead 4-3. That didn’t last long, as Andrea and Chris won their double to level the score at 4-4. Only one game still on court – Julie (Hcp 9) against Woking’s captain (Hcp 5). Everybody else was watching, fascinated, as the final game unfolded. At 3-3, Julie had used 2 of her extra turns. She used the third extra turn on hoop 7 to clear opponent and won the hoop to take a 4-3 lead. Even better was to come, as Julie put in a determined and polished performance to take the next three hoops and close out the game 7-3 (with an extra turn still unused). Wild applause from the rest of the G&G team, of course. Undoubted star of the day: Julie Tremble. Could do better: Team Captain. Thanks to the team for all their efforts and to the Woking team for such stiff opposition. A most enjoyable match against friendly and charming opponents. (MH). Match Result: G&G 5: Woking 4 (51 hoops to 49).

14/06/14   SECF AC U League v Hampstead Heath For our first match in this year’s tournament we entertained Hampstead Heath at home and we faced one of the world’s best female players and two rapid improvers. We were lucky to be able to avoid the heavy rain which obligingly came during an excellent lunch laid on by Jennifer in the old bowls club shed. We were 2-1 down after the morning’s 2 singles and one doubles matches with only Barry being able to win in the morning completing his game as time was called and having conceded a veritable forest of bisques (14). However, whilst the weather improved for a nice sunny afternoon our luck didn’t and we lost the afternoon session 3-1 with only Ian winning and the team going down overall 5-2. One notable event was Ian completing a 12-hoop break without bisques but as this wasn’t a CA event, he will be unable to claim his silver award for his achievement. Our team was Barry Gould, Ian Fugeman, Mike Thompson and Iain Gaman (Hon Capt.) (IG). Match Result: G&G 2: Hampstead Heath 5 

11/06/14   Longman Cup v Roehampton On a glorious mainly sunny day we entertained Roehampton in the first round of the Longman cup. Our team was Arthur Lindley, Mike Thompson, Ian Fugeman and Barry Gould (Hon Capt.). Our opponents were entitled to a few bisques, but we felt that we had a good chance. What went wrong? In the morning session Ian won quite quickly (26-9) but the rest of us struggled. Mike lost to their second-best player and our doubles pairing of Arthur and Barry were rarely able to get going until Barry completed a long break to peg near time to put us just two points behind. Unfortunately, they still had bisques left and using these carefully they prevented Arthur from catching up. After a lunch, produced by Jennifer and much appreciated by both sides, battle re-commenced. Arthur won quickly (26-9 and Barry followed soon after (26-19). With the match score 3-2 in our favour, we had a good chance but neither Mike nor Ian could overtake their opponents in games that went to time. Match result: G&G 3: Roehampton 4. (BG)

05/06/14   AC friendly at Rother Valley Once again it was a beautifully sunny day, albeit rather breezy, for our association friendly against Rother Valley. The lawns, professionally maintained, were in good condition and, as always, the hosts gave us a warm welcome. We were fielding a team biased to the lower end of the handicap range and so facing quite a number of bisques; however, the games were well contested. Lunch outside was a leisurely affair and, noting the time, it was agreed we’d play 18-point singles games in the afternoon. G&G won 3 of the 4 afternoon matches resulting in a 6:1 win. A post-match afternoon tea was then enjoyed by all.  The team comprised: Arthur Lindley, Barry Gould, Ian and Jennifer Fugeman.  The return match is on Wednesday 30 July. Match Result: G&G 6: Rother Valley 1

01/06/14   Murphy Shield v Hurlingham This is the first year the Club has entered a team in the Murphy Shield (a level play GC knockout competition) and our first match was away to Hurlingham.  The team comprised Tony Mrozinski, Mike Huxley, Mike Thompson and Andrea Huxley.  Andrea reports that they enjoyed a good day’s croquet playing in warm sunshine on super-fast lawns at Hurlingham Club. The format was for the team to play a double and two single matches followed by four singles in the afternoon. Andrea comments, ‘Unfortunately we didn’t all play to our best and the end result was 4 – 3 to Hurlingham. We’ll have to try harder next year!’

01/06/14  Roehampton AC B-level tournament Arthur Lindley was back on form and runner-up in the in a very closely-fought competition. There were 22 competitors and after 6 rounds of Swiss there were 3 people (including Arthur) on 5 wins each. To sort these out, the manager first looked at ‘who beat whom’ but, unusually, not everyone in this top group had played the other two during the tournament, so that mechanism had to be abandoned in favour of the ‘quality of wins’ mechanism – but this tally came out exactly equal for all three players. The final option for deciding a winner was ‘net points scored’ with Arthur being declared the runner-up. Photo 30

31/05/14   B-level GC Tournament at Hamptworth Congratulations to Mike Huxley on winning all of his seven matches in the tournament and qualifying for the national final.  The event was well supported by other members of our club, some of whom were entering their first B-Level tournament.  

19/05/14   Storage container arrives Our new storage container arrived on schedule and was skilfully and gently lowered into place by the delivery driver.  Our grateful thanks to Sport England who generously provided a grant from the Flood and Storm Relief Fund which has enabled us to purchase this container to replace the storage shed we lost in the February storms.

18/05/14   SECF AC Team Doubles Weekend at Southwick  It was a weekend of mixed fortunes for the seven players who made up our team on the Saturday and Sunday under Mark Godfrey’s captaincy.  Ten teams competed for the trophy with six games being played on the Saturday and four on the Sunday. Fielding a number of players with quite low handicaps our players often faced opponents competently deploying fistfuls of bisques in shortened games. Our team ended the weekend in fifth position with 6 wins out of the 10 matches they played. The full report is published on the SECF website.

13/05/14  SECF GC Handicap League Team B v Littlehampton. Match Result: G&G B 5: Littlehampton 4

11/05/14   AC Open Challenge Cup Advanced Dr Simon Hathrell (-1) triumphed winning all his six games in the wind and showers over two days.

11/05/14   Winchester One-ball Charity Handicap Tournament Stephen Stuart-Matthews reports that he had a lovely day at Winchester but unfortunately another chance to win slipped away. Stephen had won 4 out of 4 games by lunchtime but in the afternoon faced a storm of bisques and finished on 5 out of 8.

27/04/14   One-ball Charity Handicap Qualifier Not deterred by the weather, eight members competed for the One-ball trophy and the opportunity to qualify for the Winchester Tournament.  Intermittent rain, hailstones and occasional incursions of rugby balls and players were endured. Stephen Stuart-Matthews won.

27/04/14   Hamptworth C-Level Golf Croquet Tournament Congratulations to Chris Heath on his recent success in winning this level play tournament.  Chris is the first member of our club to receive one of the new Hamptworth medals.

24/04/14   New Lawns The hire firm delivered the seeder as promised; quite a beast of a machine by all accounts with a mind of its own when it came to turning.  Arthur Lindley assisted by his son Adam seeded the new lawns and re-seeded the former bowls green. Our grateful thanks to Adam and Arthur.

17/04/14   New Lawns The area for the new lawns had been mown and mown again ready for the contractors to scarify, but for the second time they let us down. Undaunted Arthur Lindley brought out Sisis (our elderly convalescent scarifier) and firmly coaxed her round the area not once but twice.  He was ably assisted by a team of 16 members and a spouse who raked and barrowed with a will